What’s the difference between Sunpower solar cell and China Sunpower Solar cell

You might know the?Sunpower?solar cell is the best efficiency of the world,

You might know the?Sunpower?solar cell made solar panel is the best efficiency of the world.

You might know the?Sunpower?Solar cell made flexible solar panel is become more and more popular.

But you may do not know the?Sunpower?solar cells or Flexible?Sunpower?Solar panel from

China are not same Grade.

During produce?Sunpower?Solar cells and After?Sunpower?solar cell produce,

Sunpower?will divide the solar cells according the appearance ,Power, Efficiency, problems in many grade.

Description for?Gen?C(II) Low Bin cells and?Gen?C(II)/E(III) Off – Spec Cells

overlapping cells,damaged cells,inferior cells,low power cells, hot spot failure cells,cracked or chiped cells.

Call Bin Dp ,Bin Q, Bin Ts,Bin R,and Bin X

these are the grade mostly sell to China, not all made into solar panel,?BUT?some of them are used for small solar panel,because they are cheap.and if produce into small watt solar panel,Such as foldable solar panel,solar power bank chargers.

it does not have too large problem compare with large solar panel.

in this way,if a big panel used with these grade solar cells , the solar panel have more problem in potential.

filter the solar cells

So you see the difference now.

if the performance have difference, then the price have difference too.

why will you get a affordable flexible solar panel,and you may got as cheap as you can .

that’s the material.

these solar cells are non guaranty at all,it have potential risk. and the risk happen by Chance.

General people does not have EL testing machine,or X-ray Eyes like Superman, when the problem happen, you will regret,and wasted the money. Many clients does not know this ,and they will give a 5star feedback on Amazon ,when they meet or happen after they bought 6-1years later,it’s late to give the real feedback. some of them just meet 2weeks,that’s the lucky one .

Make a test on different grade sunpower solar cell made solar panels.

  1. below the white one is 110W PET flexible solar panel you can get from ebay or amazon everywhere.
  2. The Black black one made by LINKSOLAR ,solar cell grade is Q filtered 3.2Watt,

the result is 110W is lower currency than 100Watt, which mean used lower grade sunpower solar cell,the performance is lower grade.
So if you just compare and want a cheapest price from China,you will always find it. but you got what you paid for.
The reason why supplier likely to use lower grade sunpower solar cells.

  1. Cheaper price
  2. the temping seller require this.
  3. Sunpower limited the sources of higher grade sunpower solar cells, they do not have better choice.

conclusion:low grade sunpower solar cell have the cheapest price ,so that 0.7-1USD/watt sunpower solar cell are belong to this level,according Sunpower solar cell prices.

Now you may realize and see the risk .

and you may find why the solar panel are lower currency, because it’s made by lower power sunpower solar cells.not all solar panel are made by high efficiency sunpower solar cells,some of them may even lower than 17% efficiency.

you may figure out why it’s 2A for 100Watt, this is not real 22%?sunpower?solar cells now.general 3.5-4A is normal for 100watt, but for a 100Watt solar panel generate only 2A.there have problems on solar panels.

Why should I tell you about this, because we are manufacture of solar panel, we know deeply of the industry. and Sunpowersources.

so wholesale price around 1USD/watt sunpower?solar panel and 2USD/watt retail sunpower?solar panel from amazon or ebayare all made by these grade Solar cells,

that’s?the cheapest Sunpower?solar cell grade,and the temping seller are looking for.

Some supplier may even use ETFE to advertise they got the best quality,but if they still use the poor cells .anyway ,buyer do not know.


we offer A grade 3.4w?Sunpower?solar cells,

Such as Gen III Bin J,Bin K series.

LINKSOLAR A grade?Sunpower?Solar cell made Flexible Solar panel,ETFE flexible Solar panel,?with 2years warranty.