know more about Sunpower solar cell, know what you are paying for.

As we all know Sunpower have the highest efficiency 3.7watt 5×5 inch Solar cell in the world.

and many distributors who claim they are offering the highest efficiency Solar cell of Sunpower at a Cheap price, especially in China, on eBay, or some online store.

but the real thing is, these suppliers are selling flaw cells from Sunpower salted from the production line.are not real high efficiency.they are a salted cell with all kinds flaw. use these to make flexible solar panels in cheap price.

so if you are reading about this, and if you want to try SunPower cell, just be clear what you need.

general people just want cheap, so these flaw cells are ok for them.

but if you require the highest efficiency, please notice there is no A grade at 3.7watt on sale. because the cost is very high.

each month Sunpower produce a lot of cells, and among them, they filtered out the flaw cells, from 2013-2014, they have a lot of stock, after 2015, it sold to China container by container at a very cheap price, and they are made into many kinds flexible solar panel. after 2016, Sunpower becomes more and more popular, because the seller always says they are the highest efficiency,
and the back contact technology makes the product looked better than general solar cells.

you may see a lot in the USA who install Sunpower solar cell on RV, boat.

from 2014-2016, the most popular Sunpower cell is Bin Q grade, power rate at 3.2watt more or less, have many kinds flaws, but can be used for producing flexible solar panels and other kinds solar products.

the lowest level of Sunpower cell is X, R level, power is below 2.8watt, and these cells are made into flexible solar panels, that’s why you can see very cheap SunPower solar cell flexible solar panel around 0.8USD/watt, or 150USD /pcs 100watt which sold from Amazon. actually, their lifespan won’t be longer than 2years, and their power will be losing soon after 1years later.

however, consumer prefers to buy the lowest price first, what we do now is trying to tell people who still want trying this, you may have a better choice, even someone is ordered these solar panels, you may need replacement in the future.

Sun Power Solar Cell loos like this, but you will find a lot of poor review because of lamination is the key point of final quality,but it’s hard to see the difference,it’s not easy to compare like prices difference.

About LINKSOLAR’s Sunpower solar cell made solar panel, we general use A-grade 3.2watt Sunpower cells ,3.4watt Solar cell,according clients requirement. anyway we will tell what level Sunpower solar cell is.

23-24% Efficiency Solar cell is mainly for solar race project, which gets the best power for minimum space.

we were supplied Sunpower solar cell for clients solar racing project. now we can provide a much higher level.

and it’s not Sunpower cell made. real 23% efficiency, and it’s no flaw cells.